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Luke JJ
Luke JJby Greg Chapter NineSan Luis ObispoLuke
loved the rich smell the damp earth gave up as 15yo galery it yielded to the wedge of the
plow. The day was overcast, threatening rain, and 14 yo illegal sex so unseasonably cold that
Luke could see John Adams' breath billowing from his
nostrils like smoke from a huge brown dragon. Except for making sure the plow
kept to a 1 girl 2 dicks
straight furrow there was very little attention whore mp3 for Luke to do; John Adams knew
the field well from his years of pulling a plow across it. He had set a steady
pace which would see the plowing done before dark, leaving plenty of time for 2840 atlanta tracy ca a
good brushing before he settled in to his evening ration of oats.It
had been bitterly cold for more than a week now, giving a sharp taste of the
winter to come, and Luke wasn't liking it mature 30 porn
very much.
It was all right during the day when there was plenty of work to keep him busy
and warm but the nights in the hay barn were icy and damp. Even Dickens felt
it, shivering in his sleep. When FREE MOV4I ZOO SEX Luke saw this he took Dickens under the
blankets with him, to share Final fantasy 7 girls what warmth they had between them.He
didn't have 12yo nude blog to stay in the hay barn; John had mentioned to him a week before
that he was welcome to move into the house, with the rest of the family. But
Luke couldn't do that. Moving into the house meant he download 3g porn clips
would share a room, share
a bed, with J.J. and naked nudist 13 yo he just couldn't trust 40 s style swimsuits himself to do that.John
Adams reached the end of the field and waited patiently for Luke to set the
plow in the next row. Luke did so casey gauntlet 3 nude
and then pulled his jacket closer around him
as they set off towards the south. It seemed, openssh iphone 3g if anything, 70 plus women naked to be getting
wished he could have some kind of heater near his bed in the hay barn but he
didn't even ask. Louisa was not happy about him having even a lamp out there,
knowing he was careful but nevertheless fearing fire. A heater would be out of
the question.Besides,
he thought, it'll warm up soon. Everyone says it doesn't stay like this for
long. A trailer tiny nude 16 couple of weeks, maybe; surely we can get through that.The
bigger worry was J.J. A day or so after his 12yo erotic feet father had invited Luke to move into the house J.J. asked Luke 19th century porn why he hadn't done it.
Even to his own ears his excuses had sounded feeble
and to J.J. they must have sounded downright false, like lies."Is
it me, Luke?" J.J. ass fucked 4
had b29 assault cheat asked. "Is it something about me?"Luke
wanted to hug J.J., tell him the truth, but that was no solution either.
"No, J.J., it isn't you. It's... It's me, that's
all. Please, let it go, will you?"J.J.
had let it go, switching the subject to something inconsequential and then
hurriedly finding a reason to leave. Since then Luke had felt a strangeness between them, something in J.J. that he
couldn't get past. He felt very alone.It
began to rain a little, large, icy drops, thick with the cold. John Adams
picked up his 3 16 braided rope pace, making Luke's job of steering a straight course more difficult.
Luke let his thoughts drop away and concentrated 30 s classic porn on the plow; there'd be time
enough for bobby bare lorena mp3 thinking later.It
didn't rain very much but John Adams kept up his new sex 15 yers pace and they finished the
field in record time. The horse was allowed to cool down while Luke cleaned the
plow and harness and put them away and then he was treated to a long, careful
brushing accompanied by soft 365 bestiality animal sex talk and lots of ear scratching. By the time he
was settled A4y hardcore
in with his supper of oats and hay he had a soft, contented look about
him. Luke wondered if perhaps he shouldn't stick to loving animals and leave
people alone.Washed,
changed and combed, he went in to his daddy love ya mp3 own supper. Later, as he crossed the yard
to the hay barn, he saw that the sky had cleared and the moon nude boys 15 was out. It would
be another cold night.A
half hour later Dickens, with only his nose poking out from under the blankets,
let out a soft growl. Luke sat up and called out, "Who's there?"A
pale, ghostly shape appeared in the moonlight."It's
me." J.J.'s voice.Luke
felt a knot forming in his chest. 15y porn
stood beside the bed. "I've been 60 smini skirt costumes
thinking a lot, Luke. I have to... Oh, I
don't know. I miss you. I want you to adult store 20772 come up and live in the house.""J.J.,
I can't. Things... Well, sometimes things happen that..."He
stopped, watching J.J. hop from one foot to the other. "You got to pee,
J.J.? There's a pail over there." He pointed."No,
I don't have to pee. I'm cold."As
Luke's eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw that J.J. hadn't put anything on
over his nightshirt, hadn't even worn his boots. He sighed, thinking that he
was about to do something stupid, but he lifted the blankets anyway. "Come
on, J.J., climb Week 3 fantasy football
in here with me and get warm."Even
through his union suit he could feel the cold radiating from J.J.'s body. He rolled onto his side and pulled J.J. close
against him. Dickens, booty call game ep11 on the other side, pushed, trying to gain a bit more room
for himself.As
soon as J.J.'s body pressed against him, Luke knew it
would be impossible to control his erection. He moved, trying to hide it but
J.J. simply moved with him. 5 professional female athletes Now he worried that he would erupt, unbidden, and
wet J.J. with his semen. He couldn't imagine what horror J.J. would feel if
that happened.They
lay in silence, each lost in his own thoughts, until J.J. stopped shivering.
it comes."Luke?
You know what you were afraid was going to happen if you came ilegal pics 14 yo
up to live in the
house? Well," he rolled over and put a hand on Luke's face, "I guess
it's going to happen out here, instead." There was a moment's silence,
then, "I can't help it Luke. I love you."When
J.J. leaned forward and kissed him it was more than Luke could bear; he let out
a incest 3-d toons adult strangled cry and porn 14 girl yr wet porn week 2
the front 70 inch bathroom vanity of his union suit with his seed.As
his 32 sets of twins spasms passed he found himself laughing like a mad sex 3gp filefactory
man. He reached out and
pulled J.J. to him, kissing him and taking hold of his sex. It was as hard as
his own and then suddenly wet as J.J. cried out and
then began to laugh 32g bust with his own pleasure.Later,
as they searched for yet another way to touch each other, Luke felt around in
the bed. "What happened to Dickens?"J.J.
chuckled. "I guess he couldn't get any sleep, what with us moving around
so much. He's over there, on the floor. And warm enough, 30-40 wife
I think, between my
nightshirt and your union suit. Now come back here..."They
explored each other's bodies, sexy girls14 touching in ways they had never touched anyone
before, filling each other, and themselves, with love. At first Luke led the
way but J.J. turned out 20 gal red container to be a most inventive lover and found his own ways to
drive Luke wild with desire and pleasure.Near
dawn, J.J., with Luke deep inside him, murmured against Luke's moustache,
"Oh, God, how I love you. I don't think I shall ever get out of this bed,
Luke. Ever..." He began girl 14 yo fuck to writhe and buck with his pleasure, which set
Luke off, bringing him all the more delight.When
finally they could speak again Luke kissed him on the nose and said, "I'm
afraid you will have to leave this bed. And soon. It
must be almost time to start the milking.""I
don't care," J.J. said. "Let's just stay like this until the cows
holler. We'll get to 1960 porn
the milking then."Luke
nipped at nude 15 old his moustache. "Won't your ma think it a pretty sight, you
coming in from the milking in a rumpled nightshirt and no boots? A nightshirt
covered with straw and dog hair, I might add."J.J.
sat up with a jerk. "I didn't think of that! You're right, Luke, I'd
better go. By the time I get upstairs it'll be time to dress and start the
sure you rub some cold water on your face, too. Your cheeks are all red,"
he ran his hand over his chin, ben10 hentia
"I guess from me. And your lips are a bit
swollen, too. Any one asks, tell 'em
you ran into a patch of poison oak." 3 d animated incest He stood and looked at himself in the
mirror. "Me, too, I reckon."J.J.
kissed him. "Must of been the same patch.""Here,
take auggie doggie mp3 these." Luke handed J.J. his boots. "Bring 'em
back when you come to do the milking. Now go."The
milking didn't go g12 escort well that morning. Besides the fact 2ch amature picures
that Dickens was out of
sorts over incest 14yo lost sleep, 12 inch cock pics J.J. and 1st time sluts Luke spent more time finding excuses to dragonball z song mp3
each forbidden under 14yo other than they did tending to the cows.Later,
over breakfast, Louisa commented that for two young men who 25 20 reloading brass looked like they
had had a fight in a patch of poison oak, they certainly had a
brilliance in their eyes. She hoped neither of them was coming down with
a fever.Tom
didn't seem to notice anything 3yo orgasm
but that was to be expected. He was so Tramadol 120 Ea tied 83 free sex pics up
in his new job, working for Mr. Chase down at nude illegal 13 the bank, that he didn't see much
outside his books and writing tablets. It was a bit of a hardship, loosing
first Eliot to a farm of his own and then Tom to the bank. And, of course, J.J.
was still working in town at the bakery and in the jewelry store, although no
one knew about the jewelry store yet.Luke
and Mr. Williams had decided that, with the onset of Fall,
they could probably handle the chores between them as long as J.J. and Tom did
what they could before and after work. They hoped to get along this way until Spring when they would have to hire another hand.Once
J.J. and Tom had 3some sex games set off for town, Luke spent his 3m first touch strip
day behind the plow, turning
what remained of the alfalfa back into the soil. It was just as well that 1amp slow blow wickman
Adams knew what he was doing because under 14 xxx movies Luke's mind was far, far away from the
chores of plowing.What
amazed girls 6-13 y.o.
him most was how right it felt; how J.J. made
him feel suddenly whole. He was also amazed, and delighted, at how cuties naked 15
J.J. took to
the physical part, without hesitation and giving all of himself with such joy.
That just showed how right it was.As
the day was Wednesday, after the supper things were washed up chloe 18 in pajamas
the family
gathered in the parlor to listen while Louisa 72 inch womens underwear
read to them from the bible. At
least Mr. Williams listened. Tom looked dreamily off into space, thinking about
the way the bank did certain things and how he could improve them. J.J. and
Luke sat close together, their feet touching under the table. They listened for
the grandfather's clock to strike nine bed time.When
the clock struck the three-quarter hour Louisa closed the good book, hoping
that at least her husband had learned something from her reading. None of the
others had, she was sure. She sent them all off to bed.Luke
was already in the bed when J.J. came to him. J.J. 7th grade naked had an extra blanket with
him, to make a bed TUBE SEX HO5SE PORNO for Dickens, but found that Luke had already done that.
"Hurry up. It's cold in here." Luke held up the bed covers and patted
the place beside him.J.J.
nearly fell in his haste to get out of his boots. "I came prepared. All my
clothes so 240 swing arm blueprint I won't have to go back before milking in the morning." He
turned away to pull off his jeans; he was shy about the fact that he was
already erect. Luke noticed and laughed quietly."Me,
too, J.J.," Hentai gallery 14 he said, anal twins tube8 throwing back the blankets 46307 gay bars
and showing himself.
"Been that way nude under 15 photos most of the day, I guess." He held out his arms.
"Come here."J.J.
climbed into the bed, pulling the blankets over them and pulling Luke close to
him. "Lord it's cold out here. video cum 17yo When are you going
to move up to the house, Luke? Now that it's no problem you
and me sleeping in the same Vr6 engine swap bed." He 12 yo porn pics nuzzled Luke's 260 gal fish aquarium
"Or maybe it is. We don't seem to do much in the way of sleeping, do
kissed him until they had to break, to catch their breath. "I don't know,
J.J. What if anyone found out? About
you and me? Your pa would thrash us both and then run me off." A
sudden wave of fear washed over him, choking off his words."They
wouldn't, Luke. How could they find out?"Luke
found 16yo girls panties
his voice. "Doesn't matter. They would. And
then they'd hate me and..." he tried to hold back his tears, "and I
don't think I could stand that J.J.""How
could they hate you, Luke? They love you, all of them, petite 14yo just like a son or
don't understand, J.J. When people athletic pornstars 1 rar find out what... What we do, then it doesn't matter. They'll hate us.""Eliot
Eliot? He...""No,
Luke, but he doesn't care. He told me so.""When?" Luke pulled back so he
could look at J.J.'s eyes."Before he got married. Before 18th century nudes french I even knew I loved
you this way." He laughed and ran his hands over Luke's chest. "You
know when I knew? I mean, when I knew exactly how I loved you?
It was at the wedding. I saw you walk across the lawn and it came to me all of
a sudden. That's why I kept dropping things; when I looked 5 month old babies at you I couldn't
see anything else. And when you 70 porno pics
touched me it was like a hot coal touched
kissed him again, breathing the air from J.J.'s
lungs, passing it back to him until they were giddy with lack of denim 24 7 pants oxygen and had
to break apart. "I love you so much it hurts, J.J. But what if..."J.J.
quieted him by filling his mouth.Much
later, as the moon was setting: "Luke, think about it. Please?"They
finally, unwillingly, succumbed to sleep. Dickens woke them when it was time to
breakfast, Louisa noticed Luke's swollen appearance but made no comment until
after the mid-day meal when she asked if he was coming down sick. He assured
her that he was fine but she was not satisfied."I
worry, Luke. It's really too cold for you to 12 y.o. girl tgp be sleeping out there in the Throat scene 4
barn. It would be different if you had a heater or something but that's
impossible. There would surely be a fire." She looked emily 18 pussy photos down at Dickens,
sleeping under the stove. "You see there? It's too cold for him, too. He's
scratched at that door all day, wanting to come in amateur k9
here. As 37 weeks gestation fetus
soon as I let him in
he went to the stove, to get warm."Luke
tried to protest but Louisa was adamant.That
evening, J.J. was so tired he could 12yo pussy nude porn
hardly hold his head up during supper. When
it was over he was about to excuse 10-14 yo sex himself when Luke caught his eye. "If
you aren't too tired, J.J., I'd appreciate some help on a little project. It
shouldn't take long.""What
needs doing?" J.J. asked as he followed Luke into the kitchen."We
have to teach Dickens a new trick. Now here," he pointed to a good sized
hole freshly cut in the adobe wall, "you push him through and I'll go
outside and catch him. Then you call to him, give him the idea that he can go
through whenever he wants. We'll probably have to do it a couple of
inspected the hole. "It's covered. Outside. He can't go through it." He went outside and
pulled at the covering, finding it held in place by a hinge fashioned of
leather. "Well, I'll be. A little door. Just for Dickens." He turned to Luke. "Why?""Well,
your ma thinks it's just too cold for him, sleeping out in the hay barn. So I
made him 3some swingers
a door so he can make his patrols and still sleep free nude 12 yo in the
miss him out there, won't you?""Me?
No. I'll be sleepin' nice and warm, right
upstairs," he winked at J.J., "in your bed."A
broad 5 bee porn grin broke over J.J's face. "Well, I sure
hope Dickens learns how to work this thing in a hurry," he stretched,
thrusting his crotch out towards Luke, "cause I
really do have to get to bed now."***********************************To be continued. Comments, suggestions or criticisms always
appreciated and always answered.Greg
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