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From: chuck h
Subject: Michaels Story pt. 6Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to
read materials of this nature where you live, then please stop now. This
story contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between teenage
boys. And is for adult eyes only! The acts preteen kdz portals are consensual preteen loita images and are a
result of their love or lust for one another. This story is completely
fiction, all descriptions, and names are also made up, any similarities
are truly just that, purely similarities. In addition, this story also
contains fighting, rough sex, and w/s between young men, if this bothers
you, then please do not read any further!I would love to hear from you, so negative as well as positive feedback
is always welcome! Please write: unkle_cyahoo.comThis story was inspired by a dear friend! It is through his undying
praise, his ability to bring me up when I'm down, real shocking preteen his incredible sense of
humor, and his kind heart, that I have grown to believe in friends once
again! So it is to him that I dedicate this story!Luv ya, Mark Wild! ChazLast paragraphs of pt. 5:Not sure of the time, cause from the floor, I couldn't see the bedside
clock, but I was awaken by the soft pleading voice of Michael.
"Aaaaaawwww shit, man......please get off me Brock......please
fuckin hurts wicked....ooooooooohhhhh my GOD...... come on,
Brock....please get off me.....I'll suck your dick anytime.....I
promise......but not this, dude....pleeeaaassssse?"The next sounds I heard were several muffled yelps of pain, and the rapid
pounding of flesh against flesh.Then I heard sounds that were much was the distingue sound
of some one beating themselves off.....and then an angry voice. It was
that of Luke as he jacked off.... "ooooooohhhh's it feel
bitch......ooooohhhh fuccckkkk ......keep begging .........ooooooh
yeeaah......fuckin take it....cunt! Take my bro's huge pussy slayer up
your queer fuckin faggot!"

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