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Subject: My First Cock (t/t) (Hand then Oral) (True)
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:39:34 GMT
Keywords: xtt xmast xoral xtrue My First Cock .... Well, I was 14 ... I had a cousin who was 3 months older than me. One underage porn forum day we
were in underage erotic photo his bedroom, on his bed, wrestling. The wrestling was quite intense.
At one point he got me into a rather peculiar strange position --- I was lying
on top of him facing upwards, while he was underneath. He then suddenly
started working on my belt and told me that he was gonna take my dick out and
play with it! This was a bit shocking to me since I had never engaged in such
things before. Unfortunately for him, the belt had a really bizarre buckle, and he couldn't
figure out how to open it since he was under me and could not see it. I
however had unobstructed access to his crotch. I still don't know why I did
it, but I pulled underage amateurs nude his zipper all the way down. This didn't deter his attack on
my belt nor his vow to "play with me." When I pulled his fly down I noticed
that he had a boner at the time -- it was very clearly outlined and visible
underneath his tight jockey shorts. I can still envision his cock straining
against that white underage jpg gallery
material. For some reason I escalated the conflict ilegal underage by
unbuckling his belt. He was still trying to figure out how to unbuckle mine;
my "victory" in the buckle battle did not deter him from underage galery nude his underage child sexstories
vow to "pull down
my pants and play with me.". I pushed his pants down his thighs and stared at
his tented white jockey shorts. I was fascinated by how his big cock and how
it was so clearly outlined under the material. Even this "win" failed to stop
his iligel underage porn almost hopeless attack on my buckle, so I slipped by thumbs underneath the
waistband of his shorts and shoved his shorts down onto his thighs, fully
exposing his cock, balls and bush. He had a really big dick --- it was hard. It sprang free and kinda waved in
the air. underage teen photo Even with his cock totally exposed he refused to abandon his efforts
with my belt buckle. (It really topless russian underage had an unorthodox way of opening.) I really
didn't no what to do. I still thought that it was "dirty" to touch somebody's
dick. But I felt that I had to escalate the struggle since he was still
fumbling with the damn belt buckle! So after staring at his cock for a while,
I made some swift finger taps on its head. I kinda finger slapped it and made
it vibrate. (In my mind I was sending him a clearer message that he had better
give up.) That was fascinating to hit that cock and watch it react. I kept
tapping on it for quite a while -- it was shifting back and forth like a
metronome! Having once crossed the threshold and actually touched another
guy's dick, I suddenly thought "What the Hell", are grabbed a hold of it. I remembered his threat that he was gonna play with me, so I decided that I
could "win" the fight by playing with him. In hindsight I now realize that
once I got a hold of his cock, he stopped all efforts at trying to get into my
pants! (I apparently had "won" the battle, but had not underage modals realized it!)So I started sliding my fist up and down the length of his dick. I felt that I
had won the battle, and had captured his cock! (My evidence was that he had
given up trying to get a hold of my dick.) He just laid back and let me jerk
away -- a complete surrender! I was really working away on his cock when his mother called us!!! Chaos
ensued as I leaped off the bed, and he put his cock away as fast as possible
-- without blowing a load. there is more.... Once having crossed the threshold and touched his cock this became a routine
with us. He would "launch an attack" at my crotch, and I would respond by
overpowering him and capturing his dick! Each time that I captured his dick,
I would play with it underaged nudists for a long time. He would lie back with his eyes closed
in lustful bliss and I slowly and methodically worked my fist up and down the
entire length of his cock. He would allow this to go on until he was on the
verge of shooting his wad. He would then suddenly contract his lower abdomen,
removing his cock from my hand. He would keep in this position until the urge
to blow a load subsided. He would then resume his original position and
allow me to full and horny underage kids
unobstructed access his his big hunk of meat. His eyes
would close again, and I would start slowly stroking his meat all over again!
He loved it! (So did I since I was on a weird power trip, being able to
totally control the core of his maleness with my hands.) Eventually I would
stop him from denying me access to his cock when he was on the verge of
shooting and really start jerking him off rapidly. (My way of asserting my
control and power over him and his big dick.) Unable to resist my the effects
of my stroking, he would nice teens underage give up and surrender his cock to me! Within a few
seconds he would blow a large, hot white load all over underage jpg
his crotch and stomach!
I would keep on stroking the full length of his cock while he was firing his
stuff. I made sure that I milked him totally dry. He would have to
physically stop me from milking his meat --- I really got into it! I would
sit back underage hentais admiring the results of my work; he would then take off the bathroom
to clean up! This became a routine that happened quite a number underage webcam feed of times, late at night, on
his living room floor, in front of his television. He lost several pairs underage cp photos
jockey shorts when I inadvertently shredded them underage photo xxx
in my zeal to get to his
cock! We settled into that constant struggle mode with me always capturing
his rod! And I always "won" by forcibly extracting his load! One day while I was busily "winning the war" by ukraine angels underage jerking him off, I looked him
in the face and asked if underage sex pictures
he wanted me to blow him? (I had read about it) The
look on his face was one of shock, joy and disbelief! He almost died, and
instantly said YES. This particular wrestling match had been on his bed.
After my question he lay back on the bed, propped himself up on a pillow (I
assume in order to give him a full and unobstructed view of the blowjob) and
spread his legs. I realized later that he had expected me to suck his cock while he was lying
on his back, but I thought that blow jobs could only be given while kneeling
down! So I got off the bed and told him to get up. He was momentarily
perplexed, but since I was in charge underage horny pussy (and since he was the one who was going
to get underage softcore porn sucked off), he got up and moved towards the foot of his bed. I knelt down on the floor. He walked over and stood in front of me. His cock
was still sticking out of his shorts where I had left it. It was do underage porn mpg or die
time! I pulled his cock down and put it inside of my mouth. I remember contemplating
this new taste underage photo porn experience teen underage pussy
and I remember glancing up at his face -- it was
still marked by shock, joy, disbelief, and now, anticipation. I suspect that
he still couldn't believe that I was really going to give underage pics galls him head! I was still naive, and thought that blow job literally meant BLOW! So I
started blowing on his cock like it was a musical underage lesbians sex instrument! (What an idiot)
It was almost as if his cock were a valve stem and I was trying to inflate it!
He started laughing and told that "blow job" was only an expression and that I
should suck on it. So I started sucking away like there was adult underage girl no tomorrow. I
took control of his dick orally with the same zeal that I did when I got my
hands around it. In my enthusiasm to eat my first cock, I forgot about my
teeth. He had to stop me with his hands (actually pulled his underage teen blowjob
cock out of my
mouth). He looked straight into my eyes and said "teeth, child petit underaged
no teeth. Suck on
it. Use your lips.) I got the message and resumed by "meal" being very
careful not to chew on underage torrents the meat! He was really enjoying it. I could hear the occasional "oh, yeah" and "yeah,
suck on it" These were also interspliced with the phrase "take more underage pedo illegal
in, take
more of it into your mouth." (Being my first, I concentrated most of my
efforts on the head! At one point I momentarily pulled his cock out of my
mouth in order to take another look at my meal. I swear that the head seemed
to have gotten flattened out a bit because of my ceaseless sucking!)I really was power trip to me. Here I had this older, masculine male totally
under my control! I was underaged teen blowjob
making him moan and groan. From my point of view, sexy underage bbs I
had taken complete teens underage and total control over this big-dicked cousin by simply
using my mouth! After awhile, with his knees actually buckling from lust, he told me that he
was about to cum so that I could pull off of his cock. (Even though he had
his cock in my mouth, he was still in a state of disbelief and was not sure if
I was going to let hardcore underage fucking him blow his load into my mouth. He was ecstatic with the
blowjob, but I suspect that he thought he would have to finish himself off by
hand. I just don't think that he could conceive of me possibly letting him
cum inside of my mouth. But I wanted to experience the full treatment, so I
shook my head NO, and mumbled (with his cock still in my mouth, "uh-uh." I
then took full control over the situation and turned into a fucking vacuum
cleaner! He totally surrendered his dick to underage teen bbs my mouth. I sucked on it like
there was no tomorrow and was soon rewarded with a hot cum cocktail. I can
still remember seeing his body spasm and shudder when he blew his load; the
sensation of that hot cum spewing into my mouth and shot across my tongue; and
how it tasted! I was very proud of myself for this latest "victory" and for
this new way that I had discovered to get him to yield his most precious
treasure! My cousin, needless to say, was very happy that I had found this
new way to conquer him on my knees! My Second Time Eating Cock .... .... (or defeated by a dick) My second experience with sucking cock occurred a week or two after underage prostitutes I had
blown my cousin in his bedroom. It was during the bbs underage fuck
Summer and I was staying
overnight with him for a day or two. In this particular underage legal models instance no one was
home except the two of us. His parents underage nudes videos
were at work and his older brothers
were out of the house all day. We were watching TV and generally just goofing off when he launched one of his
tried and true attacks on my crotch. As you will recall from my earlier
account, these crotch grab bouts triggered a wrestling match that inevitably
ended up with me "over powering" him, unzipping his fly, pulling (or ripping)
off his shorts, capturing his cock, and then systematically and methodically
playing with his hard cock until I eventually forced him to shoot a load all
over himself. The last time that we had gone through this ritual, I had dramatically altered
our routine by offering to suck him off. He had gladly accepted and I had
experienced my first meal of manmeat, followed up by a cumcocktail! As I was
soon to discover th animated underage 3d at had left a definite impression on him. In this particular instance we were in his living room and I was again
flipping him onto his back, sitting astride his abdomen, opening up his jeans,
pulling his shorts down past his thighs, and seizing control of his big dick.
I started sliding my f ist up and down his hard shaft, and really got into
yanking his crank. This time however, he stopped my stroking, looked me
directly in the face and said "Put your lips on underage boy nudity it," This was a definite
change in our routine, but then in retrospect I shouldn' t have been surprised
since the last time I had captured his cock I ended up going down on him -- at
my request. I responded to his request/order to "Put your lips on it" by
ignoring exploited underage
it and grabbing a hold of his cock. I started working my hand up and
d own that rod, when he again stopped me, looked me in russian underage pic
the face and repeated
"Put your lips on lol pics underage it!" This time it was definitely not a request. It was a
command. I thought about it for a second, hesitated and said "nah, not now, maybe
another time." nudist underage kids
This time his response was "Come on, do it; put your lips on
it; not underage pic sites
later, now." underage beach sluts
I again hesitated and tried to snag his cock with my
hand. With that, he got up (denying me all access to his dick), pulled on his
shorts and jeans, and said he wanted to do something else. Up 'til this time, I felt that I had always been "in charge" whenever he
initiated cock grabbing. After all, I always captured his dick, played with
it 'til my hearts content, and then pulled a load outta his cock when I wanted
it to happen. With underage japan pussy
hi s directive "Put your lips on it," the power
relationship was underage preeteen pedo
threatened. I didn't want to lose control, so I refused to
eat his meat. That night he and I went camping in a nearby woods with two of his buddies. It
was a typical teenage male campout event -- lots of sex talk (straight of
course), yakking about what we would do the next day, and a lot of general
bullshit. He and I were sharing a small tent that night. We were on top under aged rape of sleeping bags
that were very close together. In the toplistpicunderage
middle of the bull animated underage pics session, I took the
initiative (for the first time) and started poking away at his calf. In
hindsight I realize that my next tight virgin underage comments were rather stupid, but I kept
grabbing at his calf while asking him "If this is the calf, underage nudist drunk were's the cow?"
He took a poke at my crotch and said "here." That's all that it took! I
instantly went for his cock and started playing wi th it through his jeans.
He immediately got hard, and laid on his side allowing me to pull down his
zipper and start fishing for my favorite toy. It was really a bitch getting
hold of his cock, since it so hard that it completely filled out his shorts.This was the first time I was trying to pull it out of his tight shorts while
fully erect, and still in his jeans. (This engineering fete was being
attempted in the dark, on my side, in a cramped tent, xxx underage links within a few feet of his
two wide awake cp porno underage friends. I eventually overcame all of these obstacles and got a hold of that cock.
Getting that damn monster through the fly of his shorts while totally underage incest videos erect
took real effort. He let me play with it and stroke it for underage hand job a few minutes when
he turned little porn underage the tables on me with the sweet underage sexy demand "Put your lips on it." I was
really confused since his two wide awake friends were still talking only a few
feet away. I still didn't want to give up my perceived position of underage twats
control underage xxx cp in
these situations by yielding to his demand to suck teen underage pussies dick. I made one more
grab for his cock, but my ru photo underage grab for the meat was deflected by his hand. This
was immediately followed by the urgent directive, "Put your lips on it."I then realized that the tables had been completely underage free pedo turned on me. I had
become a real dick addict. Through all of the times that I had jerked him
off, I never really viewed those episdoes as evidence of dick dependency. But
that instant I plainly understood that I had to have that cock, and I had to
have it that night. I also realized that the only way I was gonna get it was
to take it in my mouth and to suck him off right then and there within earshot
of his friends. My craving for cock completely took over. I looked him straight in the face and said "Okay." He started smiling like a
fucking Cheshire cat! His underage kds lists gambit of denying me dick, which he first started
earlier that day, had worked. He was totally and completely in charge. From
now on if I wanted his dick, I was gonna get it orally. No more handjobs for
him. He was now gonna get tgp underage girl head. And since he had essentially proven my need
for his dick, he was gonna get head from me. Still grinning in triumph, he rolled over onto his back, propped his head
under his hands, spread free bbs underage
his legs, and waited. His cock was sticking straight
up out of his fly waiting for me. My fate was sealed. I crawled over his
leg, laid down on my sto mach, and positioned myself directly at the juncture
of his thighs. His long, hard dick was directly in front of me. I could
smell underage vietnamese crotch wafting upwards. And I could glance up and see him grinning with
delight in the distance. I was sort of staring away at his hard dick, when I heard the now familiar (and
forceful) refrain, "Put your lips on it!" That was it. My surrender was
total illegal underage galleries and unconditional. I grabbed that monster by the fucking underaged
base and elevated it
upwards away from his torso. I buried myself even deeper between his thighs,
stared directly at its large head and slit, and put his cock in my mouth. His
victory was absolute -- my lips were on it! The moment his dick touched my tongue, I lost every bit of free gay underageunderage model pee hesitation. I
started sucking away at his knob while lapping at it with my tongue. Again,
since this was only my second time eating the meat, I concentrated on the
head. And I remember clen ching my lips around its rim while lapping away
with my tongue. This time though my cousin took a much more active role in
supervising his blowjob. He actually used his fingers to wedge me off his
cockhead, looked me straight in the eye and ordered "Take more underage boys incest
in! Get more
inside." Again the implied threat of dick denial worked. Down I went onto
his big dick, and I took a hell of a lot more of his cock inside. Having finally established full control over the situation, my cousin lay back
down, spread his legs even further apart, and savored his triumph. I was down
on his dick -- well beyond the head. He was getting sucked off while being
within two feet of his buddies, and he was talking to foreign underage models them all underage webcam movies
the while I was
nursing away on his cock! He would periodically underage asian schoolgirl raise his head up for a
second to observe me orally worshipping his meat, only to grin again and put
his head back down before resuming his ta lk with his friends. At this point in time all underage girls art I cared about was his dick. I was sucking away on
his hard shaft. My chin was intermittently hitting his open zipper, and I
could feel his pubic hair occasionally brushing my nose and chin. The smells
emanating underage pussy websites from his crotch only increased by obsession beautiful underage girls
with servicing his cock.
I distinctly remember recalling the uncensored underage teens stupid calf remark and getting a mental
image of me nursing on his dick just like a calf would nurse on a teat. I
took to my task with alacrity --- generating s o much saliva underage slut pic that it flowed
down his shaft onto my fingers (which were holding it perpendicular to his
crotch) and into his bush. I didn't care about the proximity of his friends,
or the fact that I had lost control of the relationship. I had to have his
cock, and that was all that mattered. The first time that I had sucked his cock he had been very considerate about
the issue of blowing a load in my mouth. He had warned me that he was about
to come, and had tried to pull his cock out of my mouth in consideration. Not
this time! There was no warning and no offer to give me the opportunity to
decide whether or not I wanted a load of cocksnout in horny underage slut my mouth. He just blew a
big wad of cum straight into my mouth without any warning at all. It really
did take me by surprise. One second I was sucking away on his cock, underage porno galeries
and the
next thing I knew, hot cum was shooting out of his dick, splashing against the
roof of my mouth, and underage pic video
totally covering my tongue. It just kept unloading
inside of my mouth and I instinctly knew that my only option was to continue
sucking on it until it he finished. Again my need for his dick underage bbs gateway totally
overcame all other considerations that night. He obviously knew that he no
longer had to go through the ilegal underage sex
little niceities of before. My mouth was there
for his pleasur e and that was that. If I wanted his cock it would only be on
his terms. And his terms could be spelled out in four letters: l i p s. That was the night I finally realized underage porn children
how much I needed my cousin's hard dick,
and what I would do in order to get it. He had transformed the relationship
in one day by simply threatening to deny me his dick. I willingly gave up
control in order to satisfy my craving for his cock. After his dick had finally finished spray-painting my mouth (it was a rather
large load), he pried my mouth off of his underage black teen extream underage girls
cock, underage nudity film stuffed it back in his pants,
thanked me (wasn't that nice?) and rolled over to go to sleep. I underage cp lola got myself
out from between h is thighs, laid back to my sleeping bag and beautiful underage cunt
fell asleep
with a case of cockbreath. (Hey, we were out in the woods underage xxx torrents
without a
toothbrush!) I slept like a baby with my face only a few inches away from his
denim encased cock. (Perhaps a subconscious way of acknowledging the power
it had over me?) The next morning we got up and underage galleries
went back to his house for
breakfast. His two friends were totally oblivious to what had happened the
night before. Had they discovered what underage sex loitas was going on that night (especially if
they had discovered me with a mouthful of meat), underage girls masturbation I suspect that I would have
ended up with my face wedged between two other sets of male thighs! -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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