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Subject: MinotaurRuler,Gay SF/Fantcy,Chap 22, Slave Training Marko woke up to a painful head. He opened his eyes and felt he
was tied down. He looked at his wrist and they were held tight by vine
ropes to the beam above. He looked down, and his feet were tied like
Tork's and Bog's to a log between the ankles. He remembered sneaking in
the hut and trying to get Tork to wake and go with him. Tork just got him
into a pleasure mood with his damn tongue exploring his mouth and throat.
That wasn't supposed to happen in a rescue. He looked over at the bed and saw Kag and Raymar in a deep sleep.
He tried to pull his wrists to see if the vine would break, even though he
knew it wouldn't. He thought about the giant Cyclops 17 years teenage tgp he saw. He hoped it
wasn't what took all of them. Better then the ogre, but the boarmen would
have been safer then a Cyclops. He called to Tork trying to get his
attention. He couldn't tell if Tork was awake or not. Bog was awake and
told Marko he was not very wise. "If I'm not very wise, then you must be very dumb. You had no
right to take them from Tork" Marko said, nodding in the direction of Kag
and Raymar. "Are you Bog?" "I am indeed" Bog said. young 16 years pics "I had a long grudge against Tork. He
refused me and fought me. I have been seeking someone to replace him
since. What are you called?" "I am Marko of the Satyrs of Aurin. I am his son and friend of
Tork" Marko said. "We are not in a good position Marko. From the looks of Tork, Rog
has been giving him lots of nude 13 years pic his nectar, making him dependant on it. Tork
is being used for Rog's pleasure now. He probably doesn't know Rog is a
Cyclops, or he may fight harder. Rog is powerful and strong. Even the
ogre stays clear of him. I traded with the boarmen for a long time,
avoiding any battles, till now. Tork and his humans have brought nothing
but pain and problems here" Bog said. "Is the Cyclops name Rog?" Marko asked. "It 12 year pussy fucked
is. He even frightens the boarmen. They never won a battle
with him and have traded whatever he wished for. I would think that's why
I was taken. He probably wanted both porn teens 15 years Tork and me and the humans. Rog
likes pleasures and fights. It isn't often he has fights since no one will
openly challenge him except the ogre. He fights boarmen at times to take
one for his pleasure" Bog explained looking around the hut and then at
Marko. "Tork does not seem to be strong and fighting now. Maybe he was
given a drug. They gave him one 14 year no nude before when I was still here. It made him
heal fast and kept him as he is now" Marko said. "No, 14 years fucking video
it is not the healing drug. It is the nectar of Rog and his
punishments and pleasures with Tork that is the cause. See how Kag and
Raymar moan and wriggle their bodies in their 16 year old schoolgirl deep sleep as if they were
being pleasured? That is what Rog's nectar does. If Tork tried to fight
him now, he would loose badly. Rog almost has total control over him. It
will only get stronger, his control over Tork, and probably you and me" Bog
said. 16 year nudist pics
"It will not go well for Kag and Raymar. He may tire of them and
decide to eat one or both. Or he may give one as an offering to the
boarmen. Either way, they will not last long in either camp." "We have to think of some way to escape and get the effect of Rog's
nectar out of 12 years naked girls them" Marko said. Bog laughed and said "Escape. You did that once I think. And here
you are again. The only way I know of getting rid of the effects of Rog's
nectar is 10-16 years sex
to drink the pain drug or eat the bitter plant." "The bitter plant will remove the effects?" Marko asked. "It will, but it is painful. It causes the victim to have sickness
of the stomach. Tightening of the muscles to expel any nectar remaining.
It lasts a few days but after that, the victim is free from the effects
until the next time they are given nectar. If Rog pisses inside Tork, he
is forcing the nectar deep into Tork and that makes it more potent and the
effects take hold quicker each time. Looking at the stains on the log
holding Torks legs together, I would say he is doing just that. It might
help if a boarmen used Tork and left their nectar inside of him. The
nectar would block out Rog's. It may be a chance if we can get one to use
Tork" Bog said. "I know one that had me and lost me to Tog. Seb. He is big and
strong and would be easy to convince he should take strength from Tork
before Rog takes it all and takes him away. He has an ego that I think I
can work on" Marko said. They both heard noise outside the hut and stopped talking. The
flap opened 14 year girls fucked
and Seb walked in carrying a large load of plants and a jug of
beer. He stopped just inside the flap and looked at Bog, Tork and Marko
tied and hanging there. His cock hardened when he looked at Marko and he
smiled. He walked up to Marko and got very close, his face almost touching
Marko's. "So satyr want more?" Seb said as he stroke the back of his hand up
and down Marko's body. Marko smiled at him and licked his snout. "Who can do without the
nectar of such a powerful boarman Seb? I found it to hard to 17 years girl porn do without". Seb licked Marko's face and pushed his tongue deep into Marko's
mouth. He put the beer down and plants and licked his way up Marko's body
till he was again face to face with him. "Seb ask Rog me have satyr" Seb said as he licked into Marko's
mouth, placing his hands on Marko's ass cheeks and kneading and squeezing
them. "Seb should take satyr for his. Satyr like Seb very much and want
more. Maybe Seb take big minotaur too?" Marko said softly, putting the
seeds of his plan into Seb's head. "Seb have minotaur. Rog let" Seb said very proud and bold. "So minotaur have nectar of Seb in him good then" Marko asked. "No nectar in. Rog no let Seb. Only take nectar from minotaur.
Rog take Seb nectar" 16 years old cumshot Seb tried to explain but his cock was dripping ooze
all over Marko's cock 16 year nude pedo and balls. He rubbed his cock on them as he talked
and Marko licked his snout and tongue. "Rog should take strength of minotaur too. Stronger then Tog then.
Rog won't know if Seb 15 years porn foto do it smart and push it deep in with 13 year old kid piss." Marko
whispered to Seb. Seb's eyes got bigger and he pulled Marko's ass cheeks tight and
his body into him. "Satyr want Seb strong?" "Satyr likes Seb very much. Seb stronger and more powerful and
satyr like and want" Marko said, hopping Seb didn't know he was not telling
the truth. He did like the feel of Seb's nectar and pleasures, but that
wasn't what he needed now. He needed any help he could get to free Tork
and the humans. Seb put his mouth on Marko's neck and bit and licked. Marko moaned
and pushed his hard oozing cock into Seb. Seb put his hand under Marko's
cock and from the base to the tip, squeezed it letting his ooze fall into
Seb's hand. Seb put his hand to his mouth and let Marko see him slow lick
it clean of ooze. He squeezed his own cock and got a large handful of his
ooze and put it to Marko's mouth. Marko licked it all and moaned and
pushed his cock hard into Seb's stomach. Seb liked this. The memories of
how this satyr made him feel came back and he wanted more. He head the
stomp of Rog's feet coming and picked up some plants and pushed them into
Marko's mouth. The flap opened and Rog walked in. He stopped to look at
his pleasure toys and smiled. He stood there stroking his cock making it
get hard. Seb looked at him and drooled. naked 16 year oldteens
"Seb feed minotaur and humans with plants and give beer. Rog eat
and drink and take pleasures. Rog train minotaur for Rog." Rog said in a
deep and authoritative voice. Marko chewed 16 years child porno
and swallowed the plant Seb shoved in his mouth and
said, "This one is Tork and that one is Bog. I am Marko and the 2 humans
are called Kag and Raymar". Seb darted a mean look to Marko and then looked at Rog. Rog looked
surprised and pointed to each one, repeating their names. Marko shook his
head to indicate Rog had it right. "Good I call and you know" Rog said. "I take you and I Rog. I take
Seb". Seb moved over to Bog and pushed some plants in his mouth. He
chewed but was having a hard time swallowing with the vine tied around his
neck and wrists. Rog looked at him with a mean look and told Seb to tie him
like Marko. Seb shook his head and grunted. He tied a vine to one wrist
of Bog's and then the other. He threw the vines over the beam and tied
them back to his wrist. He took off the vine around his neck and looked at
Rog. Rog smiled at him and walked over to Marko. He noticed Marko had a
nice hard cock, dripping with ooze. It had been awhile since Rog tasted
the year old pussy
ooze and nectar of a satyr. He liked it very much, almost as much as
minotaur. Rog went up close to Marko and rubbed his hands up and down the
front, sides and back of Marko's whole body. teens 16year sex Seb watched kiddies 13 years defloration
as he gave Bog
more plants and picked up the beer jug and let him drink. Rog grabbed
Marko by the horn and pushed his head way back. He lowered his face to
Marko's neck and began to lick, nibble and bite up and down his neck. He
moved to Marko's nipples and he sucked them in and bit and rolled them with
his teeth and tongue as he squeezed and pulled and rubbed on his pecs.
Marko moaned. His hard cock was touching Rog and dripping globs of ooze
down his body. Rog wiped his body and squeezed more of Marko's ooze into
his hand and licked it off. He liked the tingling and satisfying feeling
it gave him. He grabbed Marko's pussy girl 16 years ankles and lifted them up over his head
and rested Marko's thighs on his shoulders. Marko was hanging by his arms
on an angle since Rog was so tall. Rog had his hands feeling and rubbing
and pulling at Marko's muscles on his arms, shoulders , back, abs and pecs.
He sucked in Marko's balls and pulled them tight away from his body,
holding them tight in his teeth. His tongue rubbed back and forth roughly
over the egg shaped balls that now only had a thin stretched layer of skin
holding them. Marko gasped and moaned. Rog let his balls go and slowly
licked up and down his cock, catching ooze flowing down. He put his mouth
on the tip of Marko's cock as he moved his fingers on one hand to the base
of Marko's cock and squeezed as he pushed up towards the tip. He sucked
the ooze that was flowing out of Marko's cock into his mouth and enjoyed
the feelings. He decided to try on Marko what he found out on Tork. He
took his cock in his hand and squeezed and stroke it so he had a large glob
of ooze in his the palm of his hand. He put his finger in it, making sure
it had a thick coating all around. He slid the finger deep into Marko's
ass and moved around, looking for the spot. He rubbed and moved until he
heard Marko let out a loud deep moan. 14 years incest
He did it again on the same spot and
Marko reacted the same, with ooze beginning to flow out of his cock as it
snapped up towards his body every time Rog moved his finger over the spot.
Rog sucked in Marko's cock and continued to rub the spot. He took his hand
with the ooze in it and put it at Marko's mouth. Marko licked it and then
sucked at his hand and licked it clean of ooze. Rog rubbed harder and
faster and in circles around and on the spot. Marko stiffened and began to
shoot large amounts of nectar into Rog's throat. Rog sucked hard and took
every drop from Marko. He lifted Marko off his shoulders and put his legs
down on the ground. He slapped Marko's abs with his hand and moved behind
Marko. He wrapped his arms around Marko with one across his pecs and the
other on his lower abs. He lifted Marko and slid him up on his cock. He
held Marko tight to his body as he moved him down, sliding his cock into
Marko. Marko gasped and moaned. Rog bent his mouth down and bit on the
side of Marko's neck and sucked as he slid Marko up and down his cock.
Marko's ass muscles were closing tight around Rog's cock, making him bite
and lick harder on Marko's neck and then his shoulders. Marko turned his
face sideways towards Rog and Rog sent yong 12year sex foto
his tongue deep into Marko's mouth.
Marko's tongue licked and rubbed Rog's tongue and the inside of his mouth
that he could reach. Marko jerked hard and Rog's tongue went deep into his
mouth and throat as he shot nudist 16 year nectar into Marko. Marko felt the tingling and
pleasure sensation spreading in his body as he felt very drunk and in a
pleasure high. He began to feel week and his entire body relaxed
completely. Rog was still forcing his tongue deep in and around Marko's
mouth. He kept sliding Marko up tgp sexe 13 year
and down and then he began to piss in
Marko. Marko felt the hot liquid moving deep in him, and the nectar
pushing father in. The feelings intensified and were even stronger. Rog
held his cock in Marko with Marko pushed tight against his pubes. Rog
wanted the piss and nectar to do their job and not run out of Marko's body.
Marko felt so weak and relaxed and pleasured. He felt the warm sensation
turn to heat and he began to sweat heavily. He moaned and moved his entire
body which was in a very high 14 years nude girls
pleasure state. Rog slapped Marko's abs
several times and pulled away from Marko. He went to the bed and lifted a
jug of beer and drank several large gulps. He moved Kag and Rymar to
opposite sides of the bed and laid down between them. He pulled them up
high so their heads were laying above his arm pits on his shouler muscles.
He wrapped his arms around their chests tight and put his legs over their
legs. If they woke up, they were not going anwhere. Seb watched what Rog did to Marko and was angry. He still wanted
Marko more then anything and almost felt he was Seb's Seb thought of what
Marko said and decided he would do to Tork and Marko what Rog did to Marko
but not piss all of his load. He didn't want any leaking out or down their
legs and have Rog see it. He knew Rog would punish him severely for using
his toys without him giving them to him. Marko was in a deep pleasure
sleep and as Seb poked at Tork, he began to wake up. Tork tried to stretch, but could only stretch his arms and body,
which he did. He figured out a way to stretch his legs by leaning back
with his ass and tightening his legs, flexing his thigh and ass muscles.
Seb stood watching Tork stretch and his muscles flex and bulge. He liked
the feel of this one and would like to have Marko and him for his
pleasures. Seb ran his hand down the front of Tork to his cock and slapped
at it. Tork stood up straight turning his head fast to try and move the
skin over his eyes to see who it was. He sniffed and knew it was a
boarman. Seb took a plant and pushed it into Torks mouth. Tork jerked
back but then relaxed and started to chew it. When he finished that on ,
Seb gave him another . He picked up the jug of beer and put it to Torks
mouth. Tork licked and sucked in the liquid and from the motions his snout
was making, Seb could tell porn pics 16 year he didn't care much for it. But it was a liquid
and he was very thirst and hungry. Seb walked to the bed and Rog opened his
eye and looked at him. Seb knew he wasn't sleeping, but probably watching
Seb and Tork. Seb asked Rog how they , meaning Tork, Marko and Bog, were
going to piss and shit. Rog sure didn't want that in the hut. Rog closed
his eye and was thinking about it. He 16 years pussy pics told Seb that when the humans are
ready, he will have them take care of it. But for now, Seb would have to
provide them with large jugs or bowls to use for piss and shit and then
dump it in the woods. Seb grunted and couldn't help show how displeased
and unhappy he was with that arrangement. Rog opened his eye larger and
had a very angry and stern look on his face.] "Does Seb not obey Rog?" Rog said in a deep threatening voice. "Seb obey. Seb not like smell. Seb do" Seb said putting his head
down in submission. Rog looked at him and smiled. He pointed to his cock and licked
his lips. Seb got on the bed and sucked on Rog's cock, getting ooze and
nectar. Rog decided to treat Seb to something else for his obedience and
to keep him a friend. When Seb finished taking nectar from Rog, Rog
pointed at Raymar's cock as Seb looked up at him, licking his lips and
feeling the pleasure high from Rog's nectar. Seb's eyes got big and he
looked at Raymar and then back at Rog. Rog shook his head indicating he
approved and 17 years old tits Seb moved over to Raymar, spreading his legs after Rog took
his off of Raymar. Rog watched as Seb licked and bit Raymar's body from
neck to feet. He sucked in Raymar's toes and licked and sucked them. He
covered naked teen 16 year Raymar's body in drool and then used his hands to rub it in all
over. He even moved his hands around and under Raymar to cover his back
and ass with it. His rubbing his hands over the drool covered body of
Ryamar made Raymar's cock hard. Seb pushed his snout deep into Raymar's
crotch, pushing up his balls on top of his snout. He let his tongue hard
lick from as far down Raymar's ass crack as he could reach to below his
balls. Raymar moaned and his hands went to Seb's head and he stroke it and
pulled at it. Seb grunted and snorted, moving his snout up and down hard,
pulling Raymar's balls tight into his cock. Raymar bent his legs at the
knees and held his ass up in the air so that Seb's tongue could go into his
ass. Seb snorted and his tongue dove deep into Raymar's ass. Raymar
moaned and gasped in pleasure, ooze flowing from his cock. Rog 15 year old teen
just watch any more and he moved to his side and put his hand on Raymar's
body and continued the massage of it with Seb's drool. He liked the feel
of Raymar's muscles flexing and relaxing. He wasn't badly muscled for a
human. Seb licked deep inside Raymar with his 14 year porno photo tongue. He couldn't resist
biting down on the side of Raymar's ass cheek next to his rosebud now
spread wide by Sebs tongue. He chewed somewhat gently, making sure not to
break the skin and get Rog mad. He moved off that and pushed his snout
hard a few times at Raymar's ass as he sucked and licked at Raymar's ass.
Raymar was moaning loudly and obviously in a pleasure pussy 13 years state. Seb pushed
his body up on his arms and had his mouth directly above Raymar's cock and
balls. Rog reached down and wrapped his fingers around the base of
Raymar's balls and pulled them up tight. Seb opened his mouth and let his
tongue slide over the balls, and his lips rubbing up and down on them.
Raymar gasped in pleasure. Seb sucked in his balls and Rog leg go of them.
He watched Seb suck them in hard and release them some and suck them in
hard again. Seb released them from his mouth and looked down on Raymar's
cock. He moved his tongue up and down and around it, licking and covering
it in drool. Rog was now rubbing Seb's head and shoulders and arms. He
was hard and excited. He pulled Kag over onto his body and pushed Kag's
mouth down 13year sex pictures
on his cock. Kag's mouth was stretched almost to the point of
his lips and skin ripping. He tasted the ooze and sucked and licked as
best he could, holding on the base of Rog's cock and stroking it with both
hands up and down. Seb moved his mouth around Raymar's cock and closed it,
sucking and chewing and licking hard with his tongue. Raymar was moaning
loudly in pleasure. Raymar started jerking his body as he shot loads of
nectar deep into Seb's mouth. Seb tasted the nectar and liked it very
much. He felt a tingle and warm feeling going down his throat. He
released Raymar's cock from his mouth, licking his lips and snout. He
looked at Rog and then at his cock, dripping loads of ooze, the mushroom
head deep dark red and big.. pushing his skin hood off of it. Rog was
enjoying the human sucking and playing free nude 15 years with his cock. He looked at Seb's
cock and then his face. He decided he wanted to see this human impaled on
Sebs monster cock. He told Seb he was to do exactly as Rog told him. Rog
shook his head, not knowing what was going to happen. Seb told him to pull
the human up to him and hold him tight against his body with his legs at
Sebs sides. Seb did as he was told. He grunted and drooled with the
feeling of the humans muscles against his own. Rog reached his hand down
and pointed sexy kids 15 years
Seb's cock up right below the rosebud of Raymar. He told Seb
to slowly and carefully ease the human down on his cock. Seb obeyed. He
watched Raymars face show an expression of great pain as he screamed when
the head of Seb's cock was pushing into his ass. Seb stopped and waited,
letting his ooze fill into the opened ass of the human. It worked as
Raymar saw the look of pleasure take over the look of pain on Raymar's
face. He slid it in more so that his entire mushroom head was inside
Raymar. Seb gasped and grunted and snorted at the feeling. Raymar's ass
muscles were throbbing and squeezing all around the ass teen 14 year
head of Sebs cock. His
skin hood pushed down off the head as he slid it into Raymar. xxx girls 12 years Seb shoved
his tongue deep into Raymar's mouth and let it go wild. He bit and licked
at Raymars neck and shoulders and moved him back to suck and bite on his
tits. Raymar was deep in pleasure and reacted with a loud moan and gasps
at anything Seb did. Seb slid his teen 15 year sex
cock all the way in and let it stay
there. He wanted to enjoy the feeling of Raymar's ass devouring his cock.
Rog reached under Seb and grabbed his balls and stared to knead them in his
fingers. The sensation of that and his cock inside Raymar almost made him
shoot his nectar, but he held out. He wanted this to last as long as he
could take it. Rog told him to slowly slide Raymar up and down his body.
Seb obeyed, gasping and grunting at the feeling as Raymar's ass slid up and
down his cock, squeezing and throbbing with his ass muscles. Rog kept
kneading Seb's balls as Seb slid Raymar up and down and licked and bit and
sucked on every inch of Raymar's body he could reach. Raymar was soaked in
drool. He was panting and breathing hard. Finally, Seb couldn't hold back
anymore. He pushed Raymar down hard on his cock and started to shoot his
nectar into Raymar as Rog increased the pressure of his kneading. He was
kneading and pulling and twisting hard at Seb's balls. Seb screamed out in
pleasure as he continued to shoot load after load of nectar into Raymar.
Rog let go of Seb's balls and held Kag's head still on his cock as he
started to shoot nectar deep into Kag's throat. Kag almost choked but
swallowed quickly as the nectar was filling his mouth and throat quickly.
Kag was in a total ecstasy of pleasure. He felt totally drunk and weak and
relaxed and warm. He was sweating heavily. Rog had to move his head off
his cock as Kag didn't want to move it. Rog smiled and knew he liked this
human for pleasures. Seb collapsed on top of Raymar with his cock still
inside. Rog put his hand on Seb's ass cheek and squeezed and kneaded it. Tork heard the sounds of pleasures and head the voice of the thing
that he needed and wanted and was giving him great pleasures. He also head
a voice that sounded like Kag and Raymar when they moaned and screamed in
pleasure. He lifted his snout in the direction of the bed and sniffed hard
several times. He caught the scent of his pleasure giver, a boarmen he
remembered wanted Marko, yes, his name was Seb, very big and muscled and
powerful. Tallest of the boarmen in the camp. Then he caught more smells
that he knew and his heart felt like it would stop. He smelled Marko, Kag
and Raymar. Another smell to his side. He sniffed hard and knew what that
smell was. It was the scent of Bog. Tork sniffed in the directions to
place where each one was. He knew Marko was right close to him, probably
hanging next to him, as was Bog on the other side. Kag and Raymar were on
the bed with Seb and his pleasure giver. He now knew what the sounds were.
The boarman and his pleasure giver were using Kag and Raymar and he could
do nothing. Tork heard Seb 13 year old kids move out of the bed first. He only moved from
the bed after Tork heard licking sounds. He must be licking Kag or Raymar.
He heard him drinking from a jug and him stomping over to Tork. Seb put
the jug up to Torks mouth and made him drink. He picked up some plants and
pushed those into Torks mouth. He did the same with Bog. Bog watched the
whole thing and knew Kag and Raymar wouldn't last very long with Rog and
Seb. He thought Rog was going to rip Kag's mouth apart with his cock
shoved in it. But Kag's mouth stretched and he was helped by the ooze
feeling. terry years 19 old Seb looked at the bed and moved to Torks side. He waited to give
him more plants. He ran his hand up and 14 year porno pics down Torks body, stopping at his
balls and kneading them hard in his hand. He played with Torks ass with
his other hand. He slid his finger partially into Torks ass and moved it
in and out. Tork moaned. Seb kept watching the bed to see if Rog moved.
He wouldn't try anything with Rog there, he would wait. He pushed another
plant into Torks mouth and went to Marko. He licked Marko and rubbed his
whole body. He played with is cock, balls and ass. He wanted Marko. He
was feeling very good after the human, but he wanted Marko and he wanted to
take the strength from the minotaur Tork. He would be very strong and
powerful as Marko liked him. He took the beer to Bog and then left the
hut. He returned with a large old jug that had a large opening in it.
He moved it in front of Bog and grabbed his cock and told him to piss. Bog
did, letting go a large nude 15 years movie
strong stream of piss into the jug. When he
finished, Seb moved to jug in front of Tork. He grabbed his cock and told
him to piss. Tork tried to jerk his ass back to pull his cock away from
Seb. Seb grabbed Torks balls, squeezed and pulled him back to the jug and
told him to piss. Tork grunted and snorted and tried to pull back. Rog
woke up and saw that Seb was trying to get Tork to piss and teens 12 years pornp
Tork wouldn't.
He knew Tork had to have a huge load of piss bikini sex girl year since he hadn't pissed in some
days. Rog got off the bed and moved behind Tork. Tork smelled him and
knew it was his pleasure giver. Rog told Seb to let Tork's balls loose and
wait. Rog rubbed his hands up and down Tork's body and bit and nibbled at
his neck. Tork moaned. Rog slid his hands down on Torks cock and balls
and moved his body tight up to Torks. His cock was riding up the ass slit
of Torks ass cheeks. Rog played with Torks cock and pulled and kneaded his
balls and whispered "piss". Tork didn't piss. Rog moved his cock up and
down the ass crack of Tork and again said in his ear "piss". Still not
piss stream from Tork. Rog smashed his fists into the small of Torks back
and the top of his ass. He alternated between his fists and his hands held
together like a club. He kept that up until Torks 12 year porn
knees gave way and he
was pulling tight on his arms bent japanese year old bikini
forward. young 16years sexy pic
He was moaning in pain. Rog
reached under his ass and grabbed his balls and pulled his ass towards him.
He slammed gallery sexe 14 years his arm over and over again on the small of Torks back. He
moved in front of Tork and bending his knees to lower his body, Rog slammed
his arms around the small of Torks back, locked his wrists together and
stood up, lifting Tork off the ground, screaming in pain in a crushing bear
hug. Rog bent forward, bending Tork back putting more pain into the hold.
He held it for awhile and then let Tork loose. He walked back 50-year old woman nude behind Tork
and grabbed his balls again and pulled his ass towards him. He slammed his
arm onto the small of Torks back and then started using his fist to punch
hard all across Torks back. He walked back around and again stooped down
as he slammed his arms around Tork and locked him in a bear hug, standing
up and lifting Tork off the ground. He bent over further this time and
flexed his nude 10 year girls biceps and chest and jerked hard. Tork now bellowed in pain and
was panting, having a hard time breathing. Rog released the hold and let
Tork slide down his body, his knees useless, his arms holding his body's
full weight. He went behind Tork and lifted him up and pulled him close to
his body, his hard cock sliding up between Torks ass cheeks. He put his
hands on Torks body and rubbed up and down and squeezed and pulled at his
muscles. He moved his hands down to Torks cock and balls and played an
fondled them. He kneaded Torks balls in his fingers and held Torks cock
forward and down. He licked at Torks sweating neck and shoulders and bit
his way to his ear. Rog whispered "piss" and piss started flowing hard
from Torks cock. Rog bit his neck and slid his cock into Torks ass and
moved Tork's body up and down his cock. Tork kept pissing and Rog was
pushing the skin on his cock up and down, pulling the skin hood off the
head and back. Tork was moaning. Tork stopped pissing and Rog tightened
his hold around Tork's body and rammed his cock fast and hard in and out
his ass. He pulled Tork hard down on his cock as he shot his nectar into
Tork. He started slamming his cock again until he started to let a stream
of piss go in Tork. He rammed his cock hard into Torks ass as his hot piss
was filling Tork, pushing his nectar deep in. Tork got the drunken feeling
and pleasure high and all heat inside him as his body started pouring sweat
all over. He felt weak and his entire body totally relaxed and his head
fell down to his chest. Seb moved to Marko and took his cock and told him to piss. Marko
did with no problems at all. Seb slid the skin on Marko's cock up and down
like Rog did to Tork. Marko gallery porno 13 years closed his eyes and let Seb know he was in
pleasure. Seb smiled and kept it up till Marko stopped pissing. Rog was
at the bed looking the humans over. He told Seb he was going to wash and
he lifted Kag over his shoulder. He stopped at Tork and slapped his hand
over his abs a few times. He turned to Bog and with a snear, let out a
deep evil laugh. He turned and left the hut. Seb 14 years nudes
took the chance and went to Marko, licking his body and pushing
his tongue deep into his mouth and throat. Marko moaned. Seb licked and
rubbed all of Marko's body and then stood behind him and rubbed his arms up
and down Marko's body, sliding his body up and down Marko's back. Marko
moaned and pushed his body back into Seb. Seb took a glob of his ooze on
his finger and put it in Marko's mouth. Marko sucked it off and licked for
more. Seb put his hand under the tip of his cock and stroke it and
squeezed it till his hand was thick with ooze. He moved his naked 13 years girls hand to
Marko's mouth and Marko licked and sucked it all off. Marko felt the
effects and rubbed his ass across Seb's cock. Seb slid his cock into
Marko's ass and Marko tightened his ass muscles around Sebs cock and make
them pulsate between tight and loose. Marko moved his ass up and down
Seb's cock as Seb was moaning in pleasure. He held Marko tight to him and
bit at his neck and shoulder as he shot nectar into his ass. He kept
pumping his cock in and out until he started to piss inside Marko. Marko
tightened his ass around Seb's cock and held tight. He was in a pleasure
high but knew enough to whisper "not a lot" to Seb. Seb pulled his cock
out and finished pissing in the jug. He stooped down and licked Marko's
ass clean of any sign he used it. He even 14 years hot girls slid his tongue in and put his
lips to it to suck out anything that might drip down Marko's legs. He nude 10years girls went
in front of Marko and let his tongue dive deep into Marko's nude teens 16 years mouth and
throat. Marko moaned and wriggled his body against Seb. Seb moved away
knowing if he didn't he would keep pleasuring Marko. He took the jug out
to the woods and emptied it. Bog was looking at Tork and Marko, in deep pleasure highs. He saw
Raymar's feet spread wide and moving, bending at the knee and back down as
he rubbed his abs hard. His head was moving side to side. Bog 16 years porn knew he was
having a reaction to Seb's nectar. Bog wondered what Rog had in mind for
him. He knew something would happen, just wasn't sure what. Tog saw Rog going towards the stream with a human over his
shoulder. 60 year old porn
He sneared and grunted, angry that he lost the minotaur and the
satyr. He saw Seb leave the hut with a jug and head to the woods and for
some reason, Seb looked pleased. Tog went to the hut. He wanted to touch
the minotaurs and human and satyr again. Now was his chance before Seb or
Rog returned. He entered the hut and looked at Bog, Tork and young porn 12 year
Marko tied to
the beam above and only Bog was looking at him. Tork and Marko were both
in a deep pleasure sleep. Tork he saw was sweating heavily and watched it
run down his sides, pecs and abs, through his pubes and down his legs.
Some was dripping off his pits and arms down to the floor. He walked up
and ran his hands up and down Torks body, He licked the sweat off his
hands. He turned to Bog and felt his body and arms. He reached down and
grabbed his cock and balls and kneaded them. 13 years sex movie
"So this is how Tog treats friends?" Bog said in Tog's face. "Tog no do. Rog do and want. Tog must do" 15years hardcore free porn Tog said as he slid his
hands behind bog and sqeezed and kneaded his ass cheeks. "Rog trade great
power things. Tog try on Bog. Bog 13 years old gay no fight, go down". "You hit me with a weapon Rog gave you? From behind? Not as friends
do Tog" Bog said angrily. "Tog no choice. Rog say, Tog must do" is all Tog would say. He
licked at Bog's arms and neck. Bog moved his body as far back as he could, not wanting Tog to have
any pleasures with him. Tog stooped down and held Bog's left leg as he
spread his mouth around a good part of it and started to chew and lick. He
bit down just enough to pull a large muscle with his teeth, but not rip the
skin. Bog yelled, feeling Tog biting and naked 16-year-old pics chewing on him. Bog thought Tog
was going to rip his leg muscle off and eat it. Even as a demi-god, Tog
could do some serious damage that Bog would have to deal with until his
deep sleep. Tog let go and clamped his mouth over Bog's cock and balls and
clamped down, chewing on them. Bog screamed in pain and bucked in and out,
Tog latched on to his crotch and chewing. Tog let go and licked Bog's
sides and arms. He clamped his mouth on the underside of Bog's arm and bit
hard into it, covering most of the bicep with his mouth. He chewed and
pulled with his head. Bog screamed and jerked but Tog kept his mouth
latched on. Tog let go and rubbed his hands over Bog's arms again. "Tog like Bog meat. Strong and powerful minotaur meat. Tog feast
if not belong Rog. No kill, just take, make heal, take more" Tog said as
he held the back of Bog's head and had it pushed towards his face. He
licked Bog's face and let him go. Tog walked to Marko and felt his body and licked his back and
front. He wrapped his arms around Marko and squeezed him tight into his
body. He let go of Marko and he walked to the bed where Raymar was laying,
his legs moving and his arms still rubbing his stomach. Tog ran his hands
up and down Raymar's body and dug his fingers in some as he did. The human
was in a pleasure high and had obviously been used. He leaned down and
slurped Raymar's cock and balls in his mouth and sucked and licked them.
Nice flavor he thought. He would like this human very much. He stood up
and felt all of Raymar's body again before he walked back to the entrance
and turned, looking at each one of them and then left. Rog walked in the stream till he found a spot that was deep enough
for him to sit and have the water at least go past his hips. He let Kag
slowly slide down the front of his body into the water. He let Kag's legs
float away from him so that Kag was laying face down in the water, held up
by Rog's hands. Rog dunked Kag under the water and held him there until
Kag began kicking and thrashing about with his hands. Rog lifted 13 years girls toples him up
and looked at Kag's face. Kag was shaking his head, trying to catch his
breath. Rog dunked him under the water again and then pulled him back up.
Kag was coughing water out of his mouth and Rog shook him. Kag caught his
breath and looked at Rog. 16 years naked
His eyes got big and he wiped the water off his
face with his hands. Rog was looking over Kag's body with his head cocked
to one side. Rog pulled Kag close to his face and said "Kag nice human. Now Kag
is Rogs. Rog take from Tork and keep". He put a big smile on his face,
showing his teeth. Kag was frightened and Rog saw and smelled the fear. He laughed
and said "Rog no eat Kag. Rog like Kag. Make pleasures". Kag felt somewhat relieved that Rog wasn't going to eat him, well
at least for now. Kag tried his best to put a smile on his face. Rog put
him over his legs, Kag's legs straddling Rog's sides and his ass sitting on
Rog's thighs. Rog slapped his own chest and head and said "wash". Kag
scooped up water and began to rub and wet and rub. He did Rog's face first
and head, moved down his neck and shoulders. He washed Rog's pecs and made
sure to rub them good. He liked the feel of Rog's muscles. Rog lifted his
arm and flexed. He watched Kag slowly scoop up water and wash it, spending
a lot of time feeling his forearm and bicep. Rog smiled. Kag did the other
arm when Rog lifted it and flexed. Rog put his hands behind his head and
Kag washed both arm pits and his sides at the same time, using each of his
hands. Rog had his face up to the sky and had a grin on his face. He was
enjoying the feeling of Kag's hands massaging his body. He moved Kag off
of him and stood up, turned around and spread his legs. He purposely
flexed his ass cheeks , back and shoulder muscles. Kag stood and washed
his lower back and ass cheeks, he couldn't reach to Rog's shoulders, but
washed as far up as he could. Rog stooped down so Kag could was his
shoulders. He stood up when Kag was finished and Kag washed his ass cheeks
and in between. Rog turned around and his hard cock hit Kag in the head.
Kag washed Rog's legs and moved his hands slowly up and 14 year old nude-girls down each of Rog's
thighs, taking in the feel of his rippled muscles that Rog was tightening
and loosening for his benefit. Kag gently washed Rog's balls, kneading
them as he scooped water up. He slid back the skin hood off of Rog's cock
and washed it and his pubes. He scooped up water and let it run down Rog's
pubes over his cock and balls. Rog took Kag's head in his hand and
squeezed, pulling Kag to the side. Rog sat down again in the water and
moved Kag to sit on his thighs again, his legs around Rog's sides. Rog
scooped water fuck 13 years teen up and let it fall on 16 year sex photos
Kag's head and then his shoulders. He
rubbed his hands over all of Kag's body, watching him moan and show
pleasure on his face. Rog pulled Kag tight to his body and squeezed. Kag
could feel the rippling muscles of Rog's chest and arms against his body.
His cock got hard and was poking into Rog's lower abs. Rog let go of Kag and laid down in the water, his hands behind his
head. "Tell Rog all. Want to know you and Tork." Kag was surprised, but started to tell Rog the story of how he met
Tork, what happened and the adventures they have had. He left out the part
about heading to the God's Fire and just said they were exploring. Rog lifted his shoulders up so he could look at Kag's face. "Kag
Tork mate? Tork take human for mate?" Rog had a questioning look on his
face. "Tork did and I am" Kag said without a blink. Rog smiled and laid back down. He moved his arm and pulled Kag's
head down to his body and then put his hand behind his head again. Kag
guessed it was time to rest. He stretched out his arms and played with
Rog's nipples until he fell asleep. Kag was woken up by his head smacking into Rog's back over and over
again. He opened his eyes and was looking at Rog's ass muscles bulging and
rippling as he walked. Rog was heading back to the hut. Kag couldn't
resist the opportunity and let his hands feel Rog's ass cheeks as they
moved. Rog felt Kag's hands on his ass cheeks and let out a loud deep
laugh. "Kag have plenty soon, Rog let you" Rog said as he slapped Kag's
ass cheeks hard. Kag jumped, not expecting the sting. He was sure he now
had a big bright Cyclops hand print over his ass cheeks. As Rog entered the camp, any boarmen near moved away. None of them
wanted to do anything that might give Rog a reason to start a fight. They
were told by Tog to make certain there was a great supply of beer made at
all times, to keep Rog pleased. Rog went straight to the hut and stopped
fast directly in front of Bog. He bent over and started to sniff Bog. He
smelled the scent of Tog. Rog slid Kag off of his shoulder and grabbed the
log between Bog's legs and lifted them. He examined all of Bog's ass and
legs closely, sniffing and sometimes licking. He lowered 12 years porn download the log and
examined the front of Bog's legs, abs and chest. He looked at Bog as he
sniffed more and seemed to be tasting him. Rob scooped Kag up around the
waist with his arm and walked to the bed. He put Kag on the bed and then
went by Raymar and sniffed him all over. He knew what he smelled, he just
wanted to be certain. "Stay, no leave bed" Rog said to Kag as he was in his face, gently
rubbing his hair and arms. Kag knew not to question or disobey this one, he would be the type
to give Kag a good reminder of what it cost to disobey Rog. Kag shook his
head pedo 10 year porn with a serious look on his face and laid down next to Raymar. Rog
reached out with his hand and pulled Kag away from Raymar. He dragged Kag
to the opposite side of the bed far from Raymar. "Kag no smell. Rog like. Kag stay" Rog said to pics of girl 12years him. Kag understood now. He just came back from the stream with Rog and
both were washed, and Rog had fun with Kag and wanted him not to smell like
the rest. Kag now understood that if he did touch any of the others, Rog
would know by the scent. He felt his hear sink as he thought he might try
to give Tork and Marko some help or at least rub something pedo year 13 on them to ease
their treatment. Maybe even that beer drink that the boarmen and Rog
seemed to like. All that was now impossible. Rog went straight to Bog and without any warning, slammed his fist
hard into Bog's midsection, chest and balls. He went around Bog and
slammed his shoulders and chest a number of times with both his fists and
arms as hammers. He was doing his best it seemed to punish Bog. He took
his cock and slapped it against Bog's ass until it was hard and then rammed
it into Bog's ass as he grabbed Bog tight around the neck with both hands.
He had Bog bent backwards as he kept ramming his cock hard into Bog. Bog
was moaning in pain from the beating and the cock ramming his ass. "Bog now know who lord is. Bog no look at Rog again for fight. Bog
get more pain then pleasure" Rog said in short bursts as he was really
slamming his cock in and out of Bog's ass. Bog porno 16 year old finally pulled tight around Bog's neck, making his choke and
gasp for air as he shot his nectar into Bog. Bog started to feel the
effects and began sweating. He quickly had the look of being in a drunken
stooper and his body went limp as it every muscle started relaxing. Rog
pushed it further in with his piss as he did on Tork and Marko. He let go
of Bog and went to the bed where the jug of beer was still sitting. He
grabbed the beer and took several gulps. He noticed Kag was staring at his
body and his dripping cock. Rog was now sweating also, from the rough
slamming he gave Bog. He moved to the side of the bed nubiles 16 years old
Kag was laying nude 16 year .
Rog grabbed his ankle and pulled him across the bed to him. He picked Kag
up by the armpits and then put his face on his chest. Kag started licking
the sweat off of Rog. Rog lifted his pits and 16 year old schoolgirls
moved Kag's head 14 year old naturist where ever
he wanted the sweat licked from his body. When Kag had finished, Rog
reached for a small fur and handed it to Kag. 14 year old mpg Kag used it to wipe all of
Rog's body, except his cock and balls which Rog wouldn't let him touch.
When Kag was finished wiping Rog, he knelt down on the bed, waiting for
what Rog would require next. Rog took the base of his cock and slowly
moved it up and down while looking from it to Kag and licking his lips.
Kag licked his lips and put his face down and started to lick all of Rog's
cock. He licked it clean and Rog's balls, which he even held up and licked
under them to Rog's ass. He pulled the skin hood back and licked it of all
the leftover nectar and the ooze that started coming out. Rog moaned the
whole time, confirming in his mind that he indeed liked Kag and would keep
him as long as porno 17years video he would service him well. He put his hand behind Kag's
head and pushed him into his cock as he used his other hand to squeeze his
cock from the base to the tip in Kag's mouth, sending a large glob of ooze
into Kag's mouth. Kag moaned and sucked and licked, quickly getting a
pleasure hight from the ooze. Rog pulled him off and laid his head down on
the bed. Rog knew Kag would now be sleeping very soon, enjoying his
pleasures. Rog checked on Marko and Tork and then left the hut. He stomped
straight to Tog's hut and just pushed the opening skin 13 years girls fucked
out of his way as he
stormed in. Tog was laying in his bed and started to get up. As Tog was
standing up from the bed, Rog let his arm fly and hit Tog in the snout and
then his other hand slammed into Tog's chest. Tog 14-year-old boy nude
fell backwards on his
bed from the force of the blows. Before he could try to sit up, Rog was on
top of him, with his hands wrapped around Tog's neck. He held Tog down as
he slammed his palm in an upward motion several times, catching Tog's snout
each time. Rog knew that would hurt for a bit and wanted Tog to have a
good reminder of what happened to him at Rog's hand. "Tog no touch Rog trade. Minotaurs, satyrs and humans are Rog's.
Tog touch again and Rog fight Tog out in camp and make him pleasure slave.
Tog know now? Tog understand?" Rog said with his face right in Tog's face. "Tog no touch. No touch" Tog started yelling. "Rog smell and see marks. Tog no tell truth and Rog nude 14 year girls no let happen
again" Kag said as he smacked Tog's snout again with the palm of 13-16 year nudist
his hand
hard. He reached down and grabbed Tog's balls and squeezed, just to
emphasize the point. Tog yelled and squealed in pain, knowing that he was caught. He
immediately knew Rog has smelled his scent on them. "Tog obey, no touch Rog slaves" Tog yelled, and squeeled. Tork and Marko woke up at just about the same time. Kag woke up
and was trying his best to get their attention as best he could without
going near them. He even used skins and furs that he slapped at their
bodies, careful not to get close porn 17 year old
enough to pick up their scents on him.
Bog moaned as he started to come awake, feeling weak and sweating and
starting to shake his muscles to try and get them out of the relaxed state. Tork let out a sort of growl when Kag smacked him in the nipple
with a skin. Kag laughed and Tork knew that laugh immediately. He tuck
his tongue out and sniffed hard to try and find where Kag was. Marko was
smiling and watched how sad it was for the 2 of them to not be able to
offer each other any sort of greeting or comfort. "I am here my Tork. I am pics girl 13 years well. You have a skin on your head that
keeps you from seeing. I cannot touch you otherwise Rog will smell your
scent on me and punish us both. He is very very large and powerful my
lord. He is a Cyclops that looks more human then anything else. He is not
of the same kind as Margo. Bog another minotaur is handing by his wrists
next to you as is Marko. All of us are being made his slaves by his ooze
and nectar which is very strong" Kag explained as fast as he could. Snorting and turning his head to catch the scent of Bog, Tork
snorted and almost bellowed in a fit of rage towards Bog. "YOU BOG ARE THE
CAUSE. YOU TOOK MINE AND WILL PAY" "You are paying for what you did to me Tork. You caused this, not
me" Bog groaned back, still trying to shake off the feelings of Rog's
nectar. "Both of you need to stop fighting and work as one to get us freed"
Marko said, knowing if he didn't say anything, Bog and Tork would keep
arguing with each other, since they couldn't physically fight and get it
out of their systems. "Marko is right. Raymar and I are not going to be of much help
against Rog and the boarmen. We are no match for them, even with weapons.
We need 14 year old xxx both of you and Marko to free us all" Kag said. Tork and Bog both stopped arguing and put their heads down. They
were thinking about what both Kag and Marko had said. Finally Tork said "BOG, THEY ARE SPEAKING THE TRUTH. WE ALL NEED
UNTIL WE ARE FREED". "They do both speak the truth Tork. I agree. I will not think of
us as enemies as long as we are still captives. We can settle our fight
after" Bog said. "IT IS SETTLED AND DONE THEN" Tork said. Kag wanted so badly to lift the hood off of Torks face just to let
him see his eyes and let Tork see him. He would like to hold onto him and
kiss him so much, but that was not possible now. Marko explained what he
was doing with Seb, to try and get him to put his nectar into them and piss
so that Rog's nectar would not be able to have the effect it started
having. Bog let xxx 13-17 years old Tork know he thought of that. Tork snorted and blew hard
out of his snout. Marko told Tork that he could not show Rog that he knew
Rog was a Cyclops, otherwise he would know they were talking and probably
split them apart so they could not speak. Marko thought Rog was going to
show himself to Tork only after he was satisfied that Tork had a good
dependency going for his ooze and nectar. Tork told them that he may
already have one since he wanted it badly. Marko said if he could get Seb
to do the same to Tork and Bog, it would help really slow the process and
make it easier to resist. Tork and Bog understood. Bog heard someone coming towards the tent and they all pretended
they were sleeping or at least groggy. Seb entered the tent with the jug
cleaned out and put it down near Bog. He felt up Bog's and Torks bodies as
he went to Marko. Marko moaned and opened his eyes, looking at Seb and
then up and down his body, licking his tongue around his lips. Seb liked
this and felt Marko wanted his pleasures. Seb was convinced Marko liked
pleasures more with him then Rog. Seb went up to Marko and Marko licked
Seb's snout and lips. Seb's cock immediately was hard, dripping ooze.
Marko looked down at it and really licked his lips while staring at it.
Seb looked down at where Marko was staring and smiled. He squeezed his
cock to get globs of ooze out into his hand and 16years porn
put his ooze covered hand
up to Marko's mouth. Marko made a great show of licking it off and Moaning
and begging for more. Tork did his best not to smile as he was supposed to
be still asleep. Kag watched and was amazed at the show Marko was putting
on for Seb. Even Kag could see the desire and want Seb had for Marko. Seb licked all over Marko's neck and face and gave him more of his
ooze. He walked behind Marko and wrapped his arms around Marko's waist,
pulling him tight to his body as he licked and gently bit on Marko's neck
and shoulder. Marko purposely pushed his ass back and forth towards Seb's
cock. Seb lowered one hand and moved his cock into Marko's ass. Marko
quickly moved his ass tight and moved it up and down Seb's cock. Seb was
moaning and didn't take much time at all to shoot his nectar into Marko.
He remembered what Marko said and he pissed in Marko, just enough to push
his nectar deeper into Marko. Marko moaned and squirmed and was begging
Seb for more. Seb moved out of Marko and leaned down, licking his ass and
legs to remove any trace of his nectar and piss. He moved to the front of
Marko and sent his tongue deep into Marko's mouth and throat. Marko moved
his body all over and moaned and groaned. Seb was pleased. Seb left the
hut and soon returned with a jar of water. He took a small skin and
started to wash Marko's body from head to toe. He spent a lot of time on
Marko's nude 16 years teen
cock and balls. Marko kept moaning. When Seb finished washing
Marko, he put some plants into his mouth and moved the jug to Tork. Tork acted startled when Seb touched his body, shaking his head and
snorting and breathing hard through his nose. He felt Seb feeling his
muscles, so he decided to take Marko's lead and give him a good show. He
pulled and snorted and flexed and made them all bulge and ripple as best he
could. Seb's hands went wild over all of Tork, feeling all the muscles
movements and squeezing them to feel his power and strength. Lucky for
Seb, he heard the approach of Rog. He dipped the skin in the water and
started washing Torks head and neck as Rog walked in the hut. Rog stopped in the entrance and looked at Seb washing Tork. He saw
water around the floor by Marko and Marko eating plants. Rog smiled and
knew Seb was taking good care litle year sex of Rog's slaves for him. It was good he was
washing them, as they had a very strong scent from the sweat and ooze and
nectar. Rog walked past Seb and slapped him several times on the shoulder
shaking his head and smiling at him as he walked past saying "Seb good".
Rog went to the bed and leaned down, picking up Kag again. He sniffed him
all over and smiled. He threw him over his shoulder and turned to walk out
of the hut. "Wash and swim, Rog go" Rog said as he stopped in front of Seb.
Seb looked at Kag's ass over Rog's shoulder and then looked at the bed with
Raymar still laying there. Rog went back and pulled Raymar up and flipped
him over his shoulder. He smiled at Seb as he left the tent with the 2
humans over his shoulders. Seb wasted no time and put the skin back in the jug and headed
right for Torks back. He rubbed and licked it and his neck as he rubbed
his hands hard into Torks pecs and abs. He rubbed his ooze dripping cock
on Torks ass crack and slid his cock in, ramming him in and out until he
shot a good load of nectar in and then pissed. Tork again followed Marko's
lead and moaned and pretended it was giving him much pleasure. Seb
remembered the pleasure spot and after he was done, kneeled in front of
Torks cock and put his fingers into Torks ass, finding the pleasure spot.
Tork moaned and ooze was pouring out of his cock, right into Seb's mouth.
Seb sucked and rubbed until Tork jerked his body and shot nectar deep into
Seb's throat. Seb sucked hard and enjoyed the feelings from Torks nectar.
He stood up and punched Tork in the pec and told him he was taking his
strength from him. He quickly finished washing Tork and then 16 years girls pic put plants in
his mouth. Seb moved over to Bog and did that same thing, putting his
nectar in and pissing then sucking out Bog's nectar. When he finished
washing Bog and feeding him plants, Seb moved back to Marko. Seb was taking his time now and wanted Marko to be pleasured as
well. He licked and bit and rubbed all of Marko and kneeled down in front
of his cock. He massaged and groped at his ass cheeks, pulling and
squeezing at them. He put a glob of his ooze on his finger and slid it
into Marko, moving it around slowly and gently till he teens passwodrs -16 years found the spot to
make Marko moan. It didn't take long at all. Marko's cock got hard and
started leaking ooze. Seb licked it and slowly sucked it off of Marko's
cock, getting Marko to moan and move his body in obvious pleasure
movements. Seb kept his eyes open looking up at Marko's body and face
watching the pleasure take over Marko's whole being. He sucked a little
harder and moved his fingers a bit rougher over Marko's pleasure spot.
Marko soon was shooting large loads of nectar into Seb's mouth. Seb sucked
Marko dry. He then washed Marko's body again and licked his mouth and
face, then washed him again. Marko was moaning in pleasure now, and it was
for real. Seb did make sure Marko was receiving all the pleasure he kids 13-17 years nudes could
get and Marko did. Rog went to the stream and put both Kag and Raymar into the water.
He went deeper with them so the water was up to their chests. Kag held on
to Raymar until he was up totally and washed his face and head for him,
helping him to wake up totally. As Rog swam around and under the water,
Kag told him what was happening and why he slept so much. Rog swam up to
them and pulled their ankles so they went under the water as he pulled them
into the deepest spot. He told them to swim and exercise and they both
did. It was harder for Raymar, since he was in such a pleasure stupor for
so long, but he did it with Kag's encouragement and nude 16years old girl the watchful eye of
Rog. Every once in awhile, Rog would pick 16 years sex pictures one or the other up, lick them
and rub their bodies and squeeze their cock and balls and then throw them
up in the air so they would hit the water and splash all around. Kag
figured Rog was having fun and that meant he was happy with them, and that
was very good for them now. Rog moved in between them and put one arm round Kag and then one
around Raymar and moved to the shallow part. He laid down and pulled both
of them close to his body. Kag started to rub his pec and lick and bite
his nipple and moved Raymar to do what he was doing . Rog moaned and let
out a deep animal type sound, squeezing them tight to his 16 years teens naked body. teen 15 year nude He did
like the attention and the feeling these humans gave his body with their
attention. Rog let them play around with his body and then decided they
should get a treat of ooze and nectar. He made sure they had a nice fill
of both after he took theirs. He laid back down with them holding on to
his body, heads on his arm pits, in a deep pleasure stupor. Rog put his
hands behind his head and took a nice nap.
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